The North Face Launches Summer Collection 2023

Get Inspired to Explore and Experience Summertime

Hong Kong, 2 May, 2023 - As nature awakens from spring into summer, The North Face unveils its Summer Collection 2023 to welcome the camping and water sports season. The launch entails brand new outdoor gear to accommodate both land and water activities, beckoning outdoor explorers to embrace the "Never Stop Exploring" spirit and embark on limitless adventures.

Enjoy Summer Camping in Comfort and Style

The North Face Summer Collection 2023 includes a series of single-color printed T-shirts that bring out the relaxed and lively summer vibe. With loose-fitting silhouettes and different graphic prints, the T-shirts provide both comfort and flexibility for explorers' outdoor adventures. What’s more, they come in kids' sizes to enable a variety of parent-child outfits that make it convenient for the whole family to enjoy outdoor time together in matching styles. The collection also includes the floatable brim and UPF 40+ protection CLASS V BRIMMER, a camping hat ideal for fearless exploration under the summer rays.

The North Face 2023 Summer Collection is also designed to inspire camping enthusiasts with its series of functional camping gear. The camping tent from the Classic STORMBREAK Collection is crafted with lightweight materials, making it extremely handy and comfortable for all kinds of campers. The new WAWONA 8P Tunnel Tent features an innovative 3-door design and comes equipped with a wide-open living room, which is separated from the main tent space by netting. The unique design is especially suitable for family camping with its smart use of space. To further enhance the camping experience, the collection also comes with the WAWONA BLANKET, whose simple folding structure protects campers during their adventures and helps them face sudden changes of weather with ease. Another highlight of the Summer Collection 2023 is the new BASE CAMP GEAR BOX with plenty of storage space for outdoor and camping gear, providing campers with the most convenient experience possible.

Freely Navigate Across the Mountains and Sea

Water activities and summer always make for a perfect combination. The North Face Summer Collection 2023 sees the launch of a new Water Collection to help explorers cool off in the heat. The Mono-color CLASS V WATER Set uses FlashDry-XD™ and anti-UV DWR technology to provide up to UPF 40+, providing enhanced breathability and protecting campers from the sun during outdoor activities.

In terms of footwear, the FLYPACK HYBRID SHOES utilize ripstop quick-dry netting on the upper to prevent rocks and boulders from hindering explorations. The sole is also punctured with multiple holes to enhance permeability; while the exterior features a drainage duct for moisture release. In addition, the shoes have been meticulously designed with a curved sole for extra-strong grip, supporting explorers as they fearlessly scamper across the mountains and the sea, discovering the beauty of summer.

Explore Nature with the Young Ones

To make the spirit of "Never Stop Exploring" shine brighter, The North Face has infused elements of outdoor adventure into a children's line, launching The North Face Kids 2023 Collection. The new collection is designed specifically for kids, with functionality, comfort, chic cuts and trendy color combinations ideal for exploring land and sea. Awakening kids' passion for nature while unleashing curiosity and encouraging exploration of the unknown, the new collection is the perfect choice of all their summer clothing needs.

The North Face Kids 2023 Collection utilizes various advanced technologies, including a wind and water repellent DRYVENT Jacket that ensures dryness and comfort throughout any adventure; and the lightweight, waterproof SKEENA SANDAL that perfectly matches with the jacket and helps young explorers adapt to a range of outdoor terrain. This collection also adopts UPF Sun Protection Technology which provides full-range UV resistance, safeguarding young explorers on their adventures and inspiring them to unleash their passion for nature.

The new Summer Collection 2023 is available in all The North Face stores in Hong Kong. Join us to unleash the potential of summertime and unlock the latest collection by exploring the mountains and the sea.

Wherever You Go, Never Stop Exploring


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