參加者重要事項 Important Notice for Participants

  • 顧客於2021年11月29 日(中午12時) 至11月30日(晚上11時59分)登記成為The North Face會員,即可參與抽籤活動。
  • During Nov. 29th(12:00pm) to Nov. 30th  (23:59pm) 2021, consumers register as The North Face members in order to participate in the raffle.
  • No repeated registration is allowed. Consumer who registered repeatedly will be disqualified
  • 顧客不能重覆使用同一身分證號碼登記,違者視為棄權。
  • 只限18歲或以上人士參與此活動。
  • Only consumers aged 18 or above are allowed to enter the raffle.
  • THE NORTH FACE將於2021年12月1日抽出中籤者,並於同日以簡訊通知中籤者。
  • THE NORTH FACE will make a draw on Dec 1, 2021 and send SMS to notify the successful consumers in the same day.
  • 中籤者需於2021年12月2日指定時段內親自攜帶通知短訊及身份證正本,前往The North Face K11 Art Mall 專門店購買中籤產品。
  • Successful Consumers present in person with SMS message and ID card in specific timeslot to purchase the designated item in The North Face K11 Art Mall Store on on Dec 2, 2021.
  • 中籤者每人只限購買2件不同款式產品。
  • Each consumer can purchase 2 different types of products.
  • 產品數量有限,The North Face並不保證所有中籤者均可以購得產品。
  • Stocks are limited. Purchasing of the collection is not guaranteed by The North Face.


  • 本推廣活動由VF HONG KONG LTD舉辦 (下稱“THE NORTH FACE”或“本公司”)。
  • This promotion is joint organized by VF HONG KONG LTD (below mentioned as “THE NORTH FACE” or “The Company”).
  • 本推廣活動只限持有有效之香港身份證、以及香港手提電話之人士參加。
  • This promotion opens only to participants who are with valid Hong Kong ID card and registered Hong Kong mobile number.
  • THE NORTH FACE任何折扣或優惠券等折扣活動均不適用於此產品。
  • No discount, including THE NORTH FACE promotion code/coupon, applies to the sale of this Product.
  • 每人只可登記一次,重覆登記將被自動取消資格;每位參加者只可享一次中籤機會。THE NORTH FACE員工不得參與是次公開活動,以示公允。
  • Each person can register only once. Participants will be disqualified automatically if more than one registration is received. Each participant can only win one raffle. To ensure fairness, THE NORTH FACE employees shall not participate in the raffle.
  • 參加者所填寫的資料必須正確無誤並須與身份證相同。如因資料有誤而導致任何損失,THE NORTH FACE恕不負責。
  • The participant must fill out all information correctly, as in Hong Kong ID card. THE NORTH FACE will not be responsible for any losses and miscommunication due to incorrect information provided by the participant.
  • 中籤者名單將於本推廣活動登記期結束後抽出,中籤者將於12月1日內收到短訊通知購買時段及詳情。
  • The raffle will be executed randomly by the computer system after the end of the registration period. Participants will be notified by SMS message for time slot and detail on Dec 1st.
  • 產品數量有限,THE NORTH FACE並不保證所有中籤者均可以購得產品。
  • Stocks are limited. Purchasing of the collection is not guaranteed by THE NORTH FACE.

參加者須知 Notices for Participants

  • THE NORTH FACE有權隨時更改條款及細則而毋須另行通知;如您繼續登記參與抽籤即視為接受及同意遵守抽籤條款,THE NORTH FACE保留隨時暫停、更改、終止或修訂此抽籤條款的權利而毋須另行通知。
  • THE NORTH FACE reserves the rights to change any event terms and conditions without prior notice; by completing the registration of the raffle, participants shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to comply with the revised terms and conditions of the raffle. THE NORTH FACE reserves the right to suspend, modify, terminate, or amend the terms of this raffle without further notice.
  • THE NORTH FACE保留對參加者的參加及購買資格的最終決定權。如提供錯誤資料或不根據正確登記程序參加,本公司有權拒絕您參加或購買此特別版產品。如參加者虛報個人資料、代替他人參加、不誠實參與任何有關活動、違反活動規則或以任何方式作弊,本公司保留一切權利,包括有權取消其參加者資格及購買此特別版產品之資格。
  • THE NORTH FACE reserves the right of final acceptance of registration. In the events of, including but not limited to, the provision of incorrect or false information, failure to follow the proper procedure of registration, participating with false account, fraud, breach of contract or any other violation of terms and conditions, we reserve the rights to deprive any participant of participating and winning.

中籤者須知 Important Notice for Winners

  • 參加本推廣活動時,本公司將收集您的個人資料(包括姓名、電話、姓別、電郵地址等資料), 並會將參加者資料保密,所有參加者資料會用作登記成為The North Face Explorers及本活動的抽籤及資料核實用途。請參閱THE NORTH FACE提供的《個人資料收集聲明》了解詳情。
  • For the purpose of your participation to this event, we will collect your personal information (including your name, telephone number, gender and email address, etc.). Personal data and information of all participants will be kept confidential and only be used for conducting and verification of the raffle and register as The North Face Explorers. Please read The “Privacy Policy” provided by THE NORTH FACE to better understand the provisions of the handling of the personal information.

免責聲明 Disclaimer

  • 除法令另有規定,本公司毋須因參加者於登記參與活動或購買產品途中的任何失誤、延誤、失敗、中斷、攔截、暫停、欺詐或違反保安事項;或本公司控制範圍內的任何原因,對所產生的任何損失、損害賠償或索償,向參加者或任何第三方負責或承擔任何責任。參加者同意並承諾,不會為參加本推廣活動而招致的任何損失、損害或開支,包括但不限於參加者的資料的任何損失或損害,要求本公司負責或承擔任何責任。
  • Unless the laws of Hong Kong otherwise required, THE NORTH FACE shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising in any way from or in connection with any system, server, computer, Internet or connection failure, error, omission, interruption, unavailability or any delay in transmission during, but not limited to, the course of the event of registration, log in, connection to the personal social networks and Product redemption, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Participant hereby acknowledge and agree not to pursue claims against THE NORTH FACE for any damages, loss or expense (including but not limited to Participant’s information, software, computer, telephone, or any other electronic or telecommunication devices).
  • THE NORTH FACE有權決定修改、暫停、取消或終止本推廣活動,亦有權暫時下架或延遲發售此特別版產品系列。
  • THE NORTH FACE reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate this promotion, and also reserves the right to temporarily off-shelf or delay the sale of this product line
  • 如有任何爭議,THE NORTH FACE保留最終決定權。
  • In case of any dispute, The North Face reserves the right to make the final decision.